When Does it Help to Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer?


Should you hire an Atlanta personal injury personal injury attorney if you got injured while on the job? You may be able to represent yourself in cases of minor injuries that do not interrupt your life or employment. But there are cases where you’ve suffered substantial injury and damage, and you can’t achieve legal recourse without legal representation. Below are such scenarios that necessitate the hiring of a The Bader Law Firm workers compensation attorney:

Employer Denies Liability

Your employer and their workers comp insurance company may deny that they’re responsible for your on-the-job injuries. They’ll be hoping that you cannot go far with your claims. But once you enlist a workers compensation lawyer, you reclaim your hope for a fair compensation.

An Insufficient Settlement

May be you chose to handle your claims without legal representation, such as when your employer indicates willingness to cooperate. But if the compensation you received falls short of the total costs of the on-the-job injuries you suffered, you should appeal. For example, compensation that does not take into account all medical costs and lost wages is unacceptable. But your employer and their insurer won’t give way without pressure from a professional that knows what he or she’s doing. That’s why it may become important to hire a workers compensation lawyer to take up this matter until you’re adequately compensated.

Retaliation by Your Employer

If you file workers comp claims and your boss takes personal, there can be a problem for you unless you’re represented by an attorney. You should not be demoted or fired just because you’re asking to be compensated for on the job injuries. That’d be a kind of discrimination and malpractice on the part of your employer. Thanks to legal representation, a situation like that won’t stand in the way of your pursuit for a fair settlement.

A Third Party May be Liable

If you’re a company truck driver who got injured in a car accident while on the job, and another driver is at fault, that’s a scenario that may need you to involve a Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney. While your employer’s workers comp insurer will take care of their part of responsibility, the other driver and their insurer may also be approached to compensate.

As such, there are numerous scenarios that require an employee injured at the workplace to get help from an Atlanta personal injury attorney. That ensures the victim receives a settlement they’re comfortable with.


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