The Perks Victims Get in Hiring Workers Comp Attorneys


Have you suffered injuries at the workplace, and you’re wondering whether hiring an Atlanta personal injury attorney can help? While the workers’ compensation law was devised to help provide timely reprieve and compensation to employees injured on the job, employers and their insurers may stand in the way, making it necessary for victims to seek external help from lawyers.

The benefits that you can get in hiring a worker’s compensation attorney include:

Timely Filing of Claims

There is a statute of limitations that determines when latest you can file claims for workers’ injury compensation. Because a personal injury lawyer understands the personal injury laws of your state (Atlanta), they’ll ascertain that all the required forms or applications are filed before statutory deadlines expire. That will ensure that your claims are valid and admissible in court.

Presentation of Medical Evidence

You need to be able to demonstrate before court or jury the severity of the injuries you suffered while working. Your experienced Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney has the capacity to develop admissible medical evidence that can back the value of your claims. They’ll liaise with any relevant experts, including medical practitioners to assess all physical and mental damages suffered.

Bargaining Advantage

As mentioned earlier, your employer won’t be quick to accept liability for your on-the-job injuries. Additionally, their insurance company will not be keen to pay you the amount you’re asking. They have the luxury to arm-twist and eventually shortchange you with a smaller than deserved settlement if you do not have a workers’ comp attorney confronting them.

But you can tip the scales in your favor by introducing your personal injury lawyer. Your employer and their workers’ comp insurer know that you mean business and are willing to go all the way to litigation if you’re backed by the right attorney. It’s very likely that the liable parties will agree to a fair settlement early enough, rather than risk having to pay a higher-than-deserved amount, should the case proceed to court.

Prevention of Victimization

Hiring a workers’ comp attorat ney from the outset helps make a statement to your employer that you cannot be victimized by pursuing your legally guaranteed rights for personal injury compensation. As such, you won’t be fired or demoted for your actions.

It’s always safer to enlist an Atlanta personal injury attorney for representation if you’re injured while working. The expert helps boost your chances at fair treatment and compensation.


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